We are a family business that has been operating in the field of fishing tackle for over 30 years now. A native of Mecklenburg, Wolfgang Hoppenrath developed the family tradition of fishing and smoke-drying, turning it into a successful business model. The family made the leap from fishing to hunting together and from there, we joined the wild boar hunting club. One side effect of this was that we also encountered difficulties in approaching them. Eventually, as a result of our longstanding experience with attractants, the idea for the “Sauenbinder®”, or “boar binder” came into being, and after several years of testing the classic “Sauenbinder®” emerged.

Initially the “Sauenbinder®” was used exclusively on our own ground, until neighbouring hunting enthusiasts got ‘wind’ of it and also wished to try it. And then, the idea of marketing the “Sauenbinder®” came into being.

We are convinced that the “Sauenbinder®” is also a solution for other territories, and the reports of our customers’ experiences bear this out. Since then, every month we have received reports from hunters who give enthusiastic accounts of successful boar hunts thanks to the “Sauenbinder®”.

Recently we have further developed the “Sauenbinder®” for use under different legislation, without corn = The Green Sauenbinder®; or without animal protein = The Blue Sauenbinder®; or for full fattening periods, with triple protein = The Red Sauenbinder®.

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You can keep the boars where you want them to be.

With this mixture you are able to lure boars to a defined place.

You can use it in addition to your normal feeding. Use it sparingly, thinly spread on the ground, not only on one spot. Less is more, but use it regulary once a month. Its the best to use it on rainy days or on wet underground. Through the rain Der Sauenbinder diffuses into the ground and aromatizes it. The boars feel attracted by the fragrance and start digging in the ground. They stay for a longer time and are calmer. And this time is yours, to decide to shoot or not.


Content: 1 kg, is enough for about 140 m² .



If your feeding place is smaller, you can take less.

Or you use only the half package for one part of your feeding place.


The ingredients are all of natural origin and include everything wild boars love.


With: salt, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, phosvor, vitamins A, D3, Ea and C.


Apply regularly once a month.




Available in 4 variations:

Der Sauenbinder Klassik                            with all ingredients

Der Sauenbinder Grün                                without protein

Der Sauenbinder Blau                                 without corn, but with protein

Der Sauenbinder Rot                                   with triple protein